Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Christmas Box

 We went to the Christmas Box to spend some time with the children that currently live there. Let me first explain what this place is. This is a very unique place to house children who have been taken away from their parents for either abuse or neglect and they won't be returning to them. This is a holding house for little ones before they get a foster family. It is a very loving place where they try and keep siblings together if possible. Ashlee, Bonnie and Jessica lived their for a little over a month before the authorities found out there were family members to take them.  While they were there, they had some special people who volunteered their time to read and play games with them. Ashlee wanted to go back and give of her time to those who are there now!
 Ashlee arranged with two friends from school to go with us. Russo(the Boy) was adopted 5 years ago from Russia where he ans his sister spent most of their lives in an orphanage. He definitely could relate to these kiddos. McKenna (the girl)  was a little blown away but had a great time with us.


There were 4 boys living there right now.
"G" is from Africa and is11 years old. He was brought over here by some "Family " members but when things got tough , they decided they could no longer care for him. He has had very bad experiences with the foster families that he has been with and after spending the 2 hours with us he asked if he could come home with me! Boy it sure breaks your heart!


Michael is 10 and has two older sisters in the older girl section. He is so smart and loves math. We did a ton of math problems!


JoJo is 5 and has three older sister and a big brother in the other facility. He had the kindest eyes and is so sweet. He loves to write his letters. He also loves to play outside and eat snacks!


And the last of the gang is 5 year old Dennis. He is Hispanic and is the cutest thing ever. We played hangman and basketball and he has the best smile ever.

Ashlee and her friends were Angels that touched 4 little boys today! It was good for Everyone to give of themselves. I know we all were touched by them too.You were great Ash!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ashlee's Homecoming Dance 2010

 Ashlee got asked to Homecoming by Caleb who brought her this T shirt with His name printed in permanent marker and all the other boy names in washable marker. She was suppose to wash it to find out who it was from but she cheated and dipped her finger in water and tested which one didn't smear!! So clever!!

She responded by purchasing a tie that would match her dress with a note attached that read...."Let's "TIE" up all the loose ends with no if's, but's or and's. Caleb, There's no need to guess cuz I totally say YES!
Ashlee looked like a princess ! 
                         Caleb looked great too. He even bought her flowers! Such a gentleman and look...
                                                                       he is taller than her!
                                                                 It was a good night for all!

Utah in a Cake!

                       Jessica's fourth grade project was to do a map of Utah in the form of a cake!
                                Who knew learning could taste so fun!! Great job Jessica!

Dakota's Homecoming Dance 2010

Dakota asked Kaitlyn to homecoming by sprinkling chocolate kisses on the floor of her bedroom leading to her bathroom and placing Roses in the shower with a banner that read...Now that I have kissed the ground that you walk on and showered you with roses...will you go to Homecoming with me?
Kaitlyn answered back with a plant that was sitting in a diaper with the note that read...
I would wet my "Plants" to go with you!

She had decorated his car with Y E S  balloons!

                                                They had a great time and looked smashing!
He is all grown up but.....

He is still my little boy!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's

Jessica got to spend the weekend at Grandma Murdock and Grandpa Gibb's cabin. The first night wasn't so pleasant! Jessica has never spent a night away from home...Yes she is almost 10 but has "Mom Separation Issues" So Grandma Murdock took on the challenge. After No sleep the first night they came to some agreements and the second night went better.

Leave it to grandma to save the weekend!   She went shopping for a new water bottle and played the wii. She now holds the record for high score in bowling. Not to mention, grandpa took her fishing!
They almost got one but it got away!!!

Here are a few friends that visit the cabin daily! They let you hand feed them.

Jessica missed home and her mom but she made it through two nights away from home!
I am very proud of her! Now she is home and the house is no longer quiet but we are glad she's home!
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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday Night Light!

There is nothing like a warm September Friday night to watch your son play football! Dylan is number 11. He plays wide receiver, cornerback and free safety. We won 49 to 0. We are undefeated!
Dylan is the one behind the coach. He has the white tape on his shoes!   (remember...new photographer!)
Brianne Adams Savannah Murdock and Kinzie Richards are just a few of Dylan's Groupies!  What a great fall night!

The Apple of My Eye!

Here are a few of my yummy Apples!
I got my second order and I am very excited about this new adventure!
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